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Agent-Contracting Procedures Revised

New Procedures for Agent Contracting
Effective October 1, 2014
For agent appointments in most states*, EquiTrust will soon change to a “just-in-time” approach where state appointments are completed upon receipt of the producer’s first piece of new business. 
From the agent’s perspective, the process is unchanged; an agent number will be issued to the agent, secured website access will be enabled, and online training may be completed. 
If an appointment application is received before a new-business application, EquiTrust will:
  • review the appointment application
  • conduct a background check
  • confirm application receipt to the IMO
  • notify the IMO of any outstanding requirements, and
  • hold state appointments until receipt of the agent’s first piece of business
Depending on when the agent’s first sale of an EquiTrust product is submitted, additional steps may be necessary to complete state appointments.  After an appointment application is received, and the first new-business application is received …
  • Within 0-6 months: the state appointment and the new-business application will be processed
  • Within 7-24 months: the agent must submit a signed Agent Application Certification form to affirm the information on the original appointment application is still correct
  • After 24 months: the agent must submit a new agent appointment application
*The new process is not available in Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.  Agent appointments will be processed immediately in these states.
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