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Insurance Commissioners Issue Warning of Phone Scam Targeting Agents

Insurance Commissioners in several states have issued a warning of a phone scam targeting licensed insurance agents.

The scam involves imposters posing as department of insurance employees seeking confidential personal information. The imposters tell targets that they are facing license suspension or a penalty fee for not completing fictitious forms. Targets are told they can rectify the situation over the phone by providing data, such as date of birth, social security number, insurance license number and credit card numbers.

Agents and associates are advised not to provide any caller with personal information. It is not the policy, practice or procedure for State Insurance Divisions to request this type of information over the telephone. If you receive a telephone call requesting confidential information, contact the local law enforcement agency.

Although first reported in California, scams of this nature quickly spread across the country. Similar reports have been filed in Nevada and Colorado.

California Bulletin
Nevada Bulletin
Colorado Bulletin

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