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Revised Financial Needs Analysis Form Now in Effect

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Revised Financial Needs Analysis Form


Effective July 1 — Required August 1


A new-and-improved Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) form ET-2506(06-19) is now available on AppBuilder and E-Apps. The new FNA form applies to all annuity sales.


The new simplified format is designed to minimize errors and processing delays. FNA questions are easier to answer than the old version, and the format better aligns with state suitability requirements. We think you'll like the new design!


Transition Period

Both the old ET-2506(01-14) and new ET-2506(06-19) versions will be accepted during the July 1 to July 31 transition period. The new version must accompany all annuity apps received on or after August 1.


State Variations

• California & Massachusetts

State-specific forms apply, and both are available on AppBuilder and E-Apps.

California: ET-2506CA(06-19)

Massachusetts: ET-2506MA(06-19)

• Florida

The currently required forms – Annuity Suitability Questionnaire-Florida
(DFS-HI-1980) and Financial Needs Analysis – are now combined for a new Florida-
specific FNA form: Florida Suitability Questionnaire ET-2506FL(06-19).

For replacements, the currently required Disclosure & Comparison of Annuity
Contracts (DFS-HI-1981) is now replaced by Florida Disclosure & Comparison of
Annuity Contracts ET-4901FL(06-19).

• New Jersey & Washington

State-specific FNA forms no longer apply; use the generic version: ET-2506(06-19)


New Suitability Resource

The EquiTrust Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide includes information and guidance on completing the FNA form, in addition to comprehensive compliance of suitability regulations. To view and print the Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide, click here. The Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide replaces the former FNA Agent Guide.

EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual or agent and this material should not be construed as investment advice.

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