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Big Changes to Index Annuity Portfolio

Big Changes to Index Annuity Portfolio

Redesigned Products Available Now; Retiring Products Available Until January 31st


Effective January 15th, four redesigned index annuities replace all previous offerings. 


For the transition period January 15th through January 31st, all 13 products – the redesigned four and the previous nine – are available.  After January 31st, only the four redesigned index annuities are available.



MarketPower Bonus

MarketTen Bonus


MarketSeven (original was withdrawn several years ago)


Retiring January 31st

MarketPower Bonus (original)

MarketTen Bonus (original)

MarketValue (original)

MarketTwelve Bonus


Builder Bonus


Accumulator MarcSeven

Income MarcSeven


Retiring-Product Applications/Deadlines

Applications for all 13 products are available on AppBuilder.  Retiring-product applications will be removed from AppBuilder on January 31st.  Applications for the retiring portfolio, listed above, must be received at EquiTrust – either by fax or by mail – no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, January 31st. No exceptions will be made for applications on retiring products received after this date.


Retiring-Product Sales Resources

Agent Guides and Client Brochures for retiring products are no longer available at the Order Supplies link, and are not posted in the standard location on the Agent Website.  Sales materials are available only in PDF format and must be accessed via the links below.  Other sales pieces specific to retiring products are no longer available.


Retiring-Product sales resource are no longer posted in the standard locations of the website.  To access these resources, use the appropriate links below:


All Product Summary

Interest Rate Summary

State Approvals

State Variation Summary


Agent Guides

MarketPower Bonus (original) – Agent Guide

MarketTen Bonus (original) – Agent Guide

MarketValue (original) – Agent Guide

MarketTwelve Bonus – Agent Guide

MarketBooster – Agent Guide

Builder Bonus – Agent Guide

Income for Life – Agent Guide

DynaMARC – Agent Guide

Strategic Income Option – Agent Guide

Accumulator MarcSeven – Agent Guide

Income MarcSeven – Agent Guide


Client Brochures

MarketPower Bonus (original) – Client Brochure

MarketTen Bonus (original) – Client Brochure

MarketValue (original) – Client Brochure

MarketTwelve Bonus – Client Brochure

MarketBooster – Client Brochure

Builder Bonus – Client Brochure

Income For Life – Client Brochure

DynaMARC – Client Brochure

Strategic Income Option – Client Brochure

Accumulator MarcSeven – Client Brochure

Income MarcSeven – Client Brochure


EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual or agent and this material should not be construed as investment advice.

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