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NEW! Illustrations for ALL Index Annuities! Great Sales Tool!

Customized illustrations show your prospects potential annuity performance based on historical index results!

Now you can show your prospects a detailed analysis of their index annuity, consisting of both guaranteed and non-guaranteed values.

Non-guaranteed values assume the index's most recent 10-year results, with those results then rolled forward to the contract maturity date.

Illustrations are an outstanding educational tool for your clients. Informed buyers make the best clients!

Income Rider Illustrations, Too!
Add the optional income rider to see how the contract might perform while paying guaranteed income payments.

Index Annuity Illustrations are Easy!
To build an illustration,
click here. Login is required.

Illustrations with Issued Contracts

For agents writing business in Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia, the contract we mail to you for delivery to your client will now include an illustration. There is no signature required on this illustration, but it must be delivered with the contract.

For more information about annuity illustrations, go to FAQs on the Quick Links menu on the home page; or
click here.

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