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This is your source for product, pending business, licensing and appointment information regarding the expanding line of EquiTrust Life annuities.
Available Soon – EquiTrust Agent Gateway Website! Same web address as this website. Use your current login credentials. New Look … Improved Navigation … More Information!
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SALES WEEK: Two Webinars! Sales Idea: Explain Annuity and Life Concepts Easily with Sales Tracks (6/1/2020)
MONTHLY OVERVIEW: Updates, Recaps and Department News (5/29/2020)
"EquiTrust Portfolio of Annuity Products" Webex Seminar Replay - Listen Now! (5/22/2020)
Agent Gateway Website … Coming Soon! Same Web Address and Login Credentials (5/20/2020)
EquiTrust Response to COVID-19 – From Eric Holoman, Pres & CEO (4/23/2020)
Exciting Opportunities for Accumulation – With Less Volatility! (4/1/2020)
Digital Enhancements to Simplify Your EquiTrust Business (3/27/2020)
EquiTrust Mobile App & E-App
New Procedures for Life Sales When Face-to-Face Meetings Aren’t an Option (3/25/2020)
Sell By Phone or Video Messaging With Clients! Follow These Remote Application Policy Procedures (3/18/2020)
SECURE Act Impacts RMD Ages and Inherited IRAs (1/2/2020)
Stabilize (and INCREASE) Your Income, With Trail Commissions! (11/14/2019)
EquiTrust Recognized Among “Ward’s 50” for Financial Performance – Fourth Consecutive Year! (8/14/2019)
Can a Participation Index Strategy Outperform the S&P 500 Index? (5/20/2019)
Strong Renewal Rates on ChoiceFour Annual-Reset Annuity! (4/2/2019)
Administrative Updates
CARES Act – How to suspend or return 2020 RMDs if elected by clients (4/30/2020)
Photographs of Certain Documents Accepted Temporarily (4/7/2020)
NIGO documents and delivery receipts accepted; application-related documents are not. Click here to read more.
Coronavirus Update: EquiTrust Operating at Full Capacity (3/20/2020)
Successful Transition to Work-From-Home Environment
Client Access to Online Contract/Policy Information – Available Now (11/14/2019)
Additional Service Forms Now Subject to Secured Access (9/3/2019)

In addition to Withdrawal/Loan/EFT forms already secured, more service-related Life and Annuity forms now require login.  

New Service Forms – Available Now; Required 1/1/20 (8/6/2019)

Multi-purpose service forms replaced by specific-need forms.

New Business Processing Delays for Agents Without Updated Agent Contracts (6/3/2019)
Effective June 1
1035 Exchange for Spousal Death Benefits Now Permitted (1/2/2019)
Updated Deferred Annuity Claim Form – ET-2700(12-18)
Outgoing Partial 1035 Exchanges Allowed on NQ Annuities (1/4/2017)
Effective 1/4/2017
Do Not Use White Out on Applications (8/3/2006)
Reminder of EquiTrust Life rule, stated in Business Guidelines 2006
State-Specific Regulations & Admin News
Arkansas Comparison Form Change (12/31/2019)
Comparative Information Form - Arkansas (form ET-RPL-4906AR) is no longer required for annuities, effective 1/1/20. Use the "Disclosure & Comparison of products" forms for respective EquiTrust annuity products.
FL Suitability/Replacement Forms 10-Day Rule Enforced (5/13/2014)
Massachusetts Resident Requirements (7/26/2012)
Massachusetts residents must apply and sign for annuity contracts in the Commonwealth only.
License Requirements Regarding Securities Replacements (7/26/2012)
Applies to Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Utah, & Vermont
Florida Accredited Investor Form Requirement Reminder (6/11/2012)
Three bonus index annuites require form for clients 65 and over. Clients to be contacted by phone to verify accredited certification.
Best Practices/Compliance News
Business Guidelines Updated (5/27/2020)
Agents are required to review this document at least annually. 
Click here for the 5-20 version.
2020 Minimum Guaranteed Contract Value Rates (1/2/2020)
Applies to contracts issued 1/1/20 - 12/31/20; Click Here
Additional Information on Suitability-Confirmation Calls – Client-Use Flyer (12/3/2019)
Money Laundering and Criminal Enforcement (11/6/2019)
Social Engineering, Why You Should Be Aware (11/4/2019)
EquiTrust to Begin Suitability-Verification Calls (10/22/2019)
Policies on Joint Ownership of Fixed Annuities (9/11/2019)
Click here for the 9-2019 version.
Account Takeover Fraud – Protect Your Clients’ Information (8/23/2019)
Click here to learn more.
Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide (7/1/2019)
Click here for the 6-19 version.
Consumer Alerts Issued by Kansas and Nebraska: Unauthorized Annuity Withdrawals (11/9/2017)
Reminder: EquiTrust Does Not Allow Replacement of Annuities Within 3 Years of Issue (11/5/2015)

See EquiTrust Business Guidelines, page 4, for more information.

Advertising Reminder: Submit All Product Advertising for Review (6/6/2014)
Whether or not the EquiTrust product or Company are identified, all product-focused ads must be submitted prior to use.
NAIC Producer Licensing Model Act Override Commissions (4/22/2014)
EquiTrust will pay override commissions to unlicensed individuals and entities under certain circumstances, and according to the Model Act. See State listing here.
Suitability Letters to Clients (7/26/2012)
Sent to annuity applicants per Annuity Transactions Model Regulation
Solicitation of Insurance Prohibited on Military Installations (1/6/2010)

EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual or agent and this material should not be construed as investment advice.

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